Looking for a lvl 72 Legendary Siren Class Mod (BL2 XB1)

I’m looking to trade for a lvl 72 Legendary Siren Class mod. I’ve got about a bank and a half’s full of other legendary class mods, weapons, grenade mods, and shields so if you’re looking for something in particular I probably have it. Message my gamertag xTableside, if you’re interested.

i have a lvl 60 something legendary siren class mod if thats ok i’ll trade it for a legendary gunzerker com

I just traded for a lvl 72 legendary siren class mod. I have a lvl 71 legendary gunzerker class mod if you want to trade something else for it

sure, what other items would you like to trade?

Do you have a veruc?

I think so but I would have to check. I’ll be online soon so i will message you then