Looking for a lvl 72 or higher bladed Grog

Would greatly appreciate it as I’m super late to the BL2 party and have only been playing for the last 6 months. Have a lvl 69 bladed slag Rubi that was painful to farm for lol, but would love to have the grog that’s permanent though. Any help is appreciated.

Always looking to play as I’m on every day farming or something. Have a couple characters at OP 3-4 and others at 65-72 but haven’t played anything co-op as it’s all been solo. Lmk


I can’t help with the Grog. I just parted ways with one a couple days ago but I can help with the co-op bit.

GT: LeeFromThe253

Have actually been transferring around my Grogs to a single mule, not quite done, but have around a dozen to chose from