Looking for a lvl 72 Pimpernel

Hi there,
So as the tittle suggests, I’m looking for a lvl 72 Pimpernel with either Shock or Slag element.
As far as what I have to offer, in the terms of lvl 72 gear, I have the following.
-Conference Call Non Elemental
-Hammer Buster
-Pitchfork with Fire Element
-Bladed Lyudmila with Slag Element
-Nasty Surprise
-Rolling Thunder
-Lobbed Fire Leech
-Lobbed Corrosive Leech
-Fire Storm

There are some more legendaries I have at various levels, these are just the ones I know are 72. I have a set of the Siren Class Mods and two of the Mechro Class Mods but I know not all of them are 72.
As far as stats/parts/prefixes, they can be given upon request.
I also have a ton of lvl 61 gear, but that’s available upon request.
Anyway, hopefully we can work something out.
Thanks in advance

I am able to trade with you, what is you GT?

Cool. It’s
What is it you’d like in return?

Hey, I didn’t know if you wanted me to message you on here or on Xbox. I’ll be on for a bit if you wanna do the stuff.