Looking for a lvl72 Hide of Terramorphous

Hi all,

I’m looking for a lvl72 Hide of Terramorphous for my mech if anyone has one, don’t think I have the heart to farm him any more. I’ve got a fair few legendaries I could offer in exchange, including high level anarchist, roboteer, catalyst and mechromancer class mods (I’ve got a few for Zero too but can’t remember which off the top of my head)
If anyone can help out hit me up on here or add me on xbl, gt: x Bozley x


I only have OP8 one.

GT Mycbe if u need it

Thanks Mycbe :slight_smile:

If anyone else has a lvl72 I’m still after one, cheers all!

have one if ur interested gt: beedub321

Thanks beedub, will add you tomorrow :smile:

koo just message me when ur online