Looking for a norfleet and some other items


I’m looking for a few items (all OP8):

  • Norfleet
  • Alkaline Bee
  • Inflammable Bee
  • Elemental Infinity Pistols
  • Legendary Cat Class Mod

I have the following I am willing to trade (all OP8):

  • Hefty Avenger
  • Unending Infinity Pistol (no element)
  • Corrosive Sandhawk
  • Sapping Sandhawk
  • Incendiary Sandhawk
  • Amp Sandhawk
  • Flying Sandhawk (no element)
  • The Bee (no element)
  • Legendary Siren Class Mod
  • Stoic Emperor
  • Hefty Baby Maker (Slag Element)
  • Dandy Storm
  • Bone of the Ancients (Fire, Corrosive and Shock)
  • Heart of the Ancients (Pistol and SMG)
  • Homing O-Negative
  • Lobbed Incendiary O-Negative


I have all what you want, all I want is axton heads. I have 23/32 so I have bone blinder, grizzled veteran, the hawk, gallant grunt, raguish renegade, radar ranger, space night, medic mantis, and wetworker I also have all head hunter ones and free ones and dlc ones I just want the ones you have to earn let’s say if you have 1 I’ll trade 1 of the items for it

I would do that if I could, but I don’t even have an Axton character past level 1, so I’m not sure I could help you any. You need the ones you earn from badass rank? I could try and get some of those, but it might take a while (since I would need to level my Axton up and then do the challenges)

iI’ll hook you up. Name 2 of the items you want and give me your gt and I’ll give you them but if you come across heads just let me know

Thanks a lot!!!

My GT is Ennova

I’ll be on the lookout for you.

I’ll take a norfleet (I guess shock) and the Inflammable Bee (if that is okay with you)

Kk I’ll get online and send you a invite

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Thanks a lot!

Any chance you could hook me up too ?

GT ghost 5103

Edit: Wrong thread.