Looking for a OP8 Ogre Assault Rifle


Hi, I’m looking for a OP8 Ogre. It has to be either Nasty, Wild, or Slippery Prefix.
In trade I can give one of these weapons:

Puissant Norfleet, Slag OP8
Ferocious Shredifier, Slag OP8
Vengeful Infinity, Corossive OP8
Vengeful Infinity, Shock OP8
Critical Conference Call, Non-elemental 72
or a Badass Sham shield with 94% ABSORB CHANCE!

Comment if you have the weapon I want (say the prefix), say what do you want to trade and say your PSN.

i have the nasty op8 ogre you want. may i trade that for the conference call level 72. AngelofLove57

I’ve got piles of Ogres with all the best parts…Send me a FR if interested, jgcobb79