Looking for a pearl of Knowledge with Magsize

Is there someone left with a pearl of knowledge with magsize and willing to trade? (It doesn’t have to be 65) i am currently farming with Moze and Zane so i have a lot of CH, uRad, 100% Cryo anointed Gear.
Thanks in advance

Lemme check my bank, I should have one

What’s you GT?

GT: KamongRR … u need something?

I’m at the point in my 65 farming where thing are getting way too specific lmao

I have a spare one that’s a 57, I need to try to get a 65 one just haven’t yet.

I farm a lot so i might have something u need :wink:

First i send u the Seein death classmod

I will try to get on today, but I’m not sure when I will be able to. Thanks for the SD, my buddy can use that until he gets a new one!

all good, thanks!