Looking for a plasma caster with the slag effect (PS4)

i would like to trade for a slag plasma caster ad me at my psn (laddin1806) please and thank you


@laddin1806 I hope someone on these forums helps you get weapons. 6 Views and im the first replyier. Sadly i can admit i dont have one . Chest and ButtStalion have a higher chance of dropping them.

you are the most certainly the kindest of the 11 viewers and thank you for letting me know about butt stallion i have been farming chests in badass crater of badassitude and there is a crate that almost every time you open it it gives either purple or e tech weapons

i wish you goodluck through out your day for being the kindest one of the 11 (you other 10 re asses xD)

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I try not to reply if I can’t help (on PS3 and until recently this was the PS3 section, PS4 was only under the Handsome Collection), or have nothing to add (which is likely the case with the other views as well, that’s why I generally refrain from casting aspersions), but if you’re still looking maybe you’d have decent luck with the Gingerton loot train. It’s usually where I go when I notice a glaring hole in my inventory

The loot train does tend to drop a lot of purples blues and even E-Tech’s when i do it. So that might work.

I noticed tiny tina dlc raid boss The ancient dragons have chest as well. That if your lucky you will get lots of blues and purples some E-Tech’s


thank you i will try that as well

still not a single caster at this point i have farmed for over 30 hours of ingame time this thing is so hard to get i have gotten severy shock and corrosive plasma casters but not a single slag caster