Looking for a power level from someone who can 1 shot terramorphious if thats okay?

On xbox one looking for a super mega power level if i could thanks just shoot me a message Murdersermon117 thanks all :v:

not sure that legitimately exists…

1-shot Terra…I’d like to see that. :astonished:

probably not, I can kill terra pretty quick…in NVHM and TVHM (because BAR and OP 8 Gear), but he is a real stinker at OP 8 and XP wise it’s just quicker and easier to run the Bar Brawl.

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Even if its just NVHM because i used to have all max characters on xbox 360 then i got a one and none got transferred from the cloud so yeah but i have seen terra 1 shot. I was in a team of 3 got taken to terra and they had a white jackobs rocket launcher that did slag damage and 1 shot the boss like 3 times