Looking for a PvE Build

Hey everyone. Trying to learn Mellka since I dig the character and recently beat story mode. Plenty of PvP builds but I’m curious what people are using in PvE.

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I would try:

  1. Spike
  2. Parting Gift
  3. Frag Canister
  4. Either Claw Reload or Blade Ejection
  5. Either Combat Rhythm or Venom Contagion depending on the map.
  6. Spike Burst
  7. Power Spikes
  8. Potent Toxins
  9. Finishing Blow
  10. Pool Shot

For gear, go with maximum health and health regen since she doesn’t use shields. Critical hit damage and shard regen when hit might also be good., as well as movement speed.

With Mellka you have to remember she’s an agile assassin so you do not want to get surrounded, because doing so will likely quickly lead you to your death. Be aware of your surroundings, snipe when you can, use spike when you’re surrounded and save both the claw lunge and blade launcher for big enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses.

I hope that helps.


Thank you very much, it does help indeed. I’m surprised there’s so few threads on Mel since she’s one of the “poster boy” characters and a lot of fun to play.

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Anytime. Most of the attention seems to be focused around PVP builds, so I’m not surprised you haven’t seen any Mellka builds. Hell, I don’t think I’ve seen any PVE builds for any of the BB. I’m planning on writing a few for Montana and WF, but I’ll need to finish unlocking the later first.

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