Looking for a quick help in Slaughterstar 3000

Trying to beat it. Keep failing. Almost beat it with friends, but the host (my friend) system overheated…on the last few kills. So insta fail.

I’m playing as Zane lvl 50 Mayhem 1.
PS ID: Ghost_Rider9000

Currently on round 2. I’ve made it as far as the final round but end up dying before the bosses come out. Just need the help to beat it.

ill add you. gets kinda chaotic there at the end huh?lol

With the constant nogs and then the robots, it’s hard to see. I’m at the start of round 4 I believe

welp you definitely wont be able to see when I join lol I just look at the mini map the entire time unfortunately.
have you done slaughter shaft already?

Lately, no. I’ve done that one several times and did the wild life one. Slaughterstar is the only one I haven’t completed

u completed all the trials?

Managed to get some help from a community member. I think you had sent me a request. Next time I’m on I’ll accept it. Always fun to have more peeps to play with.