Looking for a recurring hex!

Hi there, I play on Xbox and have been farming for days… I need a recurring hex to finish my build… any up for trades?? My gamer tag is CherryBlaster :slight_smile: thanks

You have any elemental crossroads or cutsmans? Annointed for Siren preferred but if not it’s fine.

I have crossroads

What element? And what’s the damage?

I have cryo-366x4. Rad-339x4 the green one lol 344x4 and two electric 361x4

i have a nice cash infused electric one, also looking for the hex

So the corrosive is 344x4? Does it have a zoom? If so i’ll trade a recurring for that.

What’s the damage? Is it higher than 345x4? And if so, does it have a zoom?

2.6 weapon zoom

Cool. I’ll trade a recurring hex for it. My GT is Starfall Shadow.


And thank you.

328x4 with 1.5 zoom

Damn. I was hoping it would be higher than mine so I could replace it. Do you have any other crossroads or cutsman SMGs?

Unfortunately i am one of those who lost his bank due to that bug. I lost it all. I have replaced the cutsman and crossroads, but not yet found the best, still farming even now, So not extras, will let you know if i find any tonight

I can hold onto the recurring hex. There’s also a lot of other people who probably have them willing to trade for that crossroads.

btw, i have a cryo recurring hex, looking for the others. which do you have. i am heading to farm grave offline

Mine is a shock recurring hex