Looking for a Refund

I am really not at all satisfied with the experience of playing Battleborn and I wish for a refund for the deluxe edition I bought.

Why am I here and not contacting steam? I am contacting steam, and have sent a message through the gearbox website as well. Most of the steam and 2k support so far has been “sorry not our problem” so I am here, hoping to get assistance on this matter from gearbox directly.

Unless you want to hear it I wont list what is wrong with the game, but there is enough wrong that I want a refund on it.

Yeah, I know this thread might get ugly in the responses from other people but I am still hoping I can get some kind of support for this issue from the Gearbox staff.

Anyone ever get back to you? I’m having the same problem but xbox one.

I have limited time for gaming and if “average” wait time means and hour to find a game then I simple cannot play withy time constraints.

I would also like a refund fory digital deluxe purchase.

So far all I have gotten was “not our responsibility.” So no help from anyone really.

Refunds always get handled by the vendor. They might have their own criteria for issuing refunds, I suggest you look into that. Sorry to hear that you feel this way.

I had the game open for 7 hours. Achievements clearly show that I only played tutorial, 2 games pvp and 1 pve.
Steam have a standard e-mail, telling me I played for more than 2 hours, so no refund.
Steams refund politics state that those rules are for normal regrets.

Battleborn is not a normal regret. Battleborn is a game that doesn’t deliver what promised.
The game cost more than a full singleplayer campaign/storyline game, and this is excused by the promise of a campaign/storyline.
Battleborn has none of this. Therefore it is an illegal sale and I have the right to get my money back.

I tried to claim refund to steam again, this time explaining this more deeply.
I am pretty sure, Steam Support, didn’t even read my note. They responded with the default answer again.

Logic tells me that I was talking to a bot. I might as well.

This is not okey, and gearbox should put pressure on steam, to refund all.

Kind of in the same boat as you. Problem is I am pretty sure steam takes the money out of what they would normally send to to the publisher or whoever the send the money to. Also gearbox putting pressure on steam to refund stuff would kind of be the same as admitting wrong doing, they are probably going to avoid doing anything even close to that.

Money lost i guess.
I hope I can warn others at least.

I too would really like a refund it cost me almost 90 for pre order digital deluxe and his game is lacking with a dead player base. Which would be fine if it were a single player game but you spent all your time making it a visual mess of a pvp and then dropping the ball. If Gearbox does not issue refunds for the customers who seek them. They should be fined by he Us government and I will work with someone to get a petition started on change.org and any other site I can fish as well as contacting local and state legislators to inform them of Gearbox immoral and greedy business practices.