Looking for a relic

I have allot of good gear to trade. Just need this one last piece to complete my build

Do you have grenade ammo regen ?

Yes sorry

I have a radiation recurring hex with increased damage and fire rate on terror

Maybe your right, then I need big boom blaster shield with ammo regen or maybe good ASE

Do you have the relic i am looking for?

Yes I have one

there’s the BBB i have. Did you mean weapon with ase damage boost?

Oh sorry, its a cutpurse loaded dice

I have this loaded dice.

What’s your psn? We’ll figure out a deal

I have the big boom blaster shields with ASE 50% corrosive, fire and radiation dmg, ASE 5% max health regen, 200% melee dmg after phaseslam, and 75% shields and health after exiting Iron Bear

Nice ! What do you need ?

That was a reply to j-b919 about the big boom blaster shields. I just sent you a PM.

Sent a PM.