Looking for a Seein Dead class mod

Hi, I’m looking for a Seein Dead level 60 like this one that I already have, but with 4 or 5 points on Donnybrook and with hyperion or jakobs critical dmg stat instead the accuracy. If someone found it I could trade it for a 100 cryo sntl soulrender level 60 :smiley:

Good luck finding a good Seein Dead com. Ive been looking for a good one since the release of DLC1 and it seems they only exist for youtubers and streamers.

I have never seen a Seein Dead with 5 in Donnybrook.

Thanks for that :), in my case I was able to get one with +4 on Donnybrook with more pistol and jakobs critical dmg level 53 months ago, it worked pretty well anyway. But, its truth that it so hard to get decent rolls, and I’ve never seen the +5 points either Dx. The one that I’m using does a good job in the meantime.

Here are the Seein Dead COMs I have. See anything you like, just say the word.

Oh thank you!, but I’m fine with the one I’m using because the action skill damage and the Dahl critical dmg stats provide me a good amount of dmg using the soulrender or other Dahl guns. I can send you a copy of my seein dead if u want