Looking for a stagecoach 100%ase scourge 125%ase , o.M shield, Have lots of items to trade

Want: stagecoach100% weapon damage ASE, Scourge(all elements) 125% splash damage, o.M shield(from takedown) ASE element annoitments
Have lots of gear,
Wedding invitation 100% ASE weapon damage, Nukem(normal) 125% splash damage,
Maggie 100% weapon damage ASE,
Ion cannon 125%splash damage,
Recursion 125% splash damage,
Shredifier (cryo)100% ASE Weapon damage,
Cutsman (electric)125% splash damage,
Star helix(normal) 100% weapon damage,
The transformer ASE 50% electric damage/radiation,
Good class mods for flak(Stack bots),
Cutpurse otto idol- 1666+shields, -30% shield recharge delay,+40 magazine size.