Looking for a team for trophy hunting and casual play

So, my friends whom I played BL2 through to completion with (twice) aren’t going to get TPS and I’d like to try and get a Plat on this one. I played through the story already and have a level 30 Gladiator, but haven’t done all the side missions on the initial playthrough and I’d like get a team together so I can get the “Who You Gonna Call Trophy?” at the very least.

But it’s about having fun, so it’ll be pretty casual, I’m down to make new friends and all that. I do have a mic and I’d prefer you to have one as well so we can properly communicate and whatever.

My PSN is PsychedelicRains, so feel free to add me and I’ll accept. c:

ive got 100% and can help with trophy or casual. psn is same. i play between 8-9pm to 1-2am est. ill be on a lil later tonight tho… i also have some good friends to help!

I appreciate that, but I’m not normally awake at those hours. Mind if I add you anyways?

yeah. i also play most weekends throughout the day/afternoon into night. not necessary but helps if you have a mic

Awesome, that works out then.

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