Looking for a Team - PS4 - Incursion - English or German

Hello guys,

we are two people and we have some problems in competive mode, it seems that we need some friends who wants to play with us Battleborn cause at the moment we losing a lot. Then we can play as a team, so that we can form nice tactics and that stuff.

Our native tongue is german but we are also very happy to play with people who knows a bit english so that we can communicate. As you maybe can see our english is not the very best but I think its enough to understand each other :wink:

We would be very happy if we can form a team together.

Please add us:

Platform: PS4
PSN-Name: TatzyXY and TatzyXX

I will add you my psn Is spatz-rs and I speak german/french

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Nice, when I am at home I wll accept your request. We looking forward to play with you Battleborn.