Looking for a team

alright so i’m looking for 3 more people to start and finish this game with. I really don’t like having to find someone new every day. Start a new character, go through it, help farm. whatever yall want to do but i want a solid consistent group to do it with. 18+ with mic and who just enjoys the game and having people to play with. add me on psn: madela11009 and message me to let me know this is a response to this post. once we can get a solid group together we will rampage pandora or elpis, whatever yall want lol

Hey man. I’m down for that. Add Styke89, or I will add you when I’m home or on next

sounds good man just add me. I’ve got one other guy who i’ve been playing with that would be down. do you have any other characters youre working on?

Hey im 15 but im chill , and im down to be in your squad add OGpredator25

thats cool man, I’m actually working on starting a borderlands clan. interested?

I have a lvl 37 Zero and that’s all right now. And I would be down for a clan

Id be down for this. psn is kha0s_813

hey yall, sorry i was off for awhile. things came up and i had to get rid of my ps4. fortunately im back at my dads and he has a ps4 so i’m back on. I had to restart from scratch but does anyone wanna get on and play. I’m playing through as Zero right now but have only gotten as far as liars berg