Looking for a weapon

My boyfriend thinks he’s a badass and I need help from someone. I’m a level 28 fragtrap and I need some really powerful gear to wipe that smug look off his face. No shame in asking for help right? :yum:image

I’m not sure what problem you’re trying to solve? Are you playing co-op, and you want to drop him in a duel? Is he giving you static because the game is pushing you around?

What platform are you on? I will move your thread to the proper online play category so you can find whatever help you are looking for.

If you’re on pc I can help.

I’m on 360 or the xb1. I have low level gear I would be happy to give you.

Edit: well, I guess my GT would be useless in the now updated PS4 section. lol

Look for a Sapper class mod and hunt down some Torgue weapons preferably a Ravager (blue/purple) or Flakker (legendary) then just freeze and smash. Farming for a Flakker is easy, it is dropped by the Even More Disgusting Tork from the all the little cuties mission.

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Yeah. Dueling. I don’t get it. I’m higher level but he kicks my ass every time.

Ps4. Thank you

[quote=“sardines311, post:7, topic:1553840”]I’m higher level but he kicks my ass every time.[/quote]Ok, you’re a Fragtrap… what character is he (and can you show us your build and what gear you’re using)?