Looking for a Zane specific challenge run/request

Since sniper only mayhem 3 play through is done. i am looking for a challenge to take on drop your ideas here. Challenger should be specifically interested in zane and it can range from mayhem 3 related stuff to 1 to 50 M3 type progression it will be streamed proof ofc.

myself been looking into handguns only but i really loath doing it, it will just end up being between maggie unforgiven and aaa/foursum/skeksils so yeah something fresher.

note: please do not suggest such challenges that will require save editor.

current leading idea M3 DAHL weapons only

My Zane is currently Level 18 or 19, and what I could use is a build and Gear Loadout that just absolutely CRUSHES the overabundance of Maliwan Heavy Armor jerks in like 2 seconds flat! I realize that one-shotting them probably won’t happen since the first game’s Pestilent Defiler doesn’t exist anymore, but an option to take them down in just 2-3 hits would be most welcome!

So far, the best tactic I’ve found is to bombard them with the Porta-Pooper 5000 Quest Reward Launcher, but even that takes longer than I’d like. :-1::unamused:

this is off topic sir but why yes you can one shot them in many cases just make sure to hit critical spots on their back, they can be hit from the front as well since they are still visible behind their heads. jacobs snipers or any snipers are good option. also mirv tediore reloads will kill them very quick. you can ram them with your deterence field if you are speced into barrier heavily and stagger them and finish them off( 16 skill points are not enough tho). or flank them by using clone. jacobs pistols on the crit will kill them well or stick them with torgue. basically they area easy just hit critical spots and use shock/kinetic dmg. if you got brainfreeze take beefy shotgun and hit them
in the back they will freeze nearly every time making it easy as eating cake. if you have further problems just DM me instead.

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Do a run where you can only use weapons you find in a chest, locker, or box

then i can infinitely abuse chests and get stacked. no go, but thanks for suggestion.

I don’t have the patience to farm chests, I have really bad luck

Something I’ve pondered for sometime now, can Zane’s other class mods be used effectively to run TVHM M3. So my request is a build based around Cold Warrior, Techspert, or Shockerator which can compete with Zane’s better builds.

I have yet to see a build use these to any sort of potential. When I get bored at work I theory craft here and there trying to see if there is any way to make them work but they all seem significantly weaker than the Executor & Infiltrator class mods.

Edit: Another thing I was thinking of was a terror build which works well for Zane. The only issue with this is that most of the builds Zane has is more optimal with Zane having both action skills up so they don’t tend to end when they need to so you benefit from the terror. Unless of course you use the dopplebanger.

Well aside from the skills attached to them, Cold Warrior, Shockerator, and Techspert really need to be reworked. I use Cold Warrior purely for the +3 to Synchronicity

I thought a pretty interesting one would be going from zone to zone and every time you enter a new area, drop all guns and run with purchased weapons and drops. Maybe keep one build specific item like a com/artifact but all other guns and gear have to be dropped.

How about a Scavenger Run? Every time something drops (either from an enemy or from a chest) you have to pick it up and use it. If several things drop you get to pick the one you wanna use. If you want you can toy around with specific rulesets regarding how many weapon slots you are allowed to use (one condition of course being that you can’t just permanently keep a weapon you like in one slot and only replace the other one) or just limit yourself to a single one.

this is a possibility for 1 to 50 normal playthroughs

i can not do these without save editor. also you answered yourself other coms lack to executor and infiltrator and therefore won’t be as strong as those :d but i could play without a com and still do m3. In short no i can not make a competiive build like that but i could absolutely make a build that runs in m3 because i do not need a class mod to do it.

Maybe a Rough Rider+Lifesteal build? He can get the Lifesteal early on the blue tree and another one late in the green one, with the right gear it could be very fun I reckon.

that is not a challenge that is my regular CCC build :slight_smile: as to early on if you mean 1 to 50 that means i would have to save edit item into the game which i am not planing to do before 2 years pass since release. I want to own the vanilla before i move onto save editing and modding i might test gun parts but i will not involve these in gameplay anytime soon.

i have settled down to do M3 no unique gear play through i will not allow myself a catpurse. just raw power of regular guns no special red text effects gotta take a journey and see what regular gear works best in such raw power testers hand’s as zane. will be streamed ofc. if anyone has a good list of what regular guns with what parts i should look forward to let me know quite a few but i also know there might be strong regulars i never got to use.

one problem i will be running into is elemental guns. i am set for non elemental dmg but man this game is stingy on elemental stuff.

Hm, what build are you going to use? Non unique can be super chill if you go for masher and alien barrel weapons I think.

Modified general purpose one i will experiment a lot I think for toughest areas i will use mashers but then it is m3 so there will be a lot of nerfs to kinetic dmg people are on about specific gear and i want to disprove this stupidity going on and around

Fighting human stupidity?
Do yourself a favor and just let it go.
Repeat to yourself:
“Other persons opinions do not affect me in any way.”

haha it is not only that really i am a fan of regular guns and it is valuable knowledge in game to know which regular gear performs best it is going to be a big help for 1lifetolive challenge runs since you can’t reliably farm very few items now. there are early carries like skeksil but successful 1lifers need to know gear by heart

You should look into Tediore alien shotguns for elemental, after the buff they hit like a truck.