Looking for Acid and Fire conference calls and some rares too

Hello i am currently looking for Acid and fire conference calls, I am also looking for a electric fibber (lost mine in a trade by accident :frowning: ) that does a lot of damage also moxxis rubi (level 50-55)

I can offer the following for these two items

Double penetrating unkempted harrold (lvl 50)
infinity pistol (lvl 50)
synper badaboom ( level 48)
The leech (level 50)
the sham (level 50)
The bee ( level 48)
dandy volcano (level 50)

Thanks for reading. My GT is Brendon Melling.

I got legendary mechro mod lvl 56-57 I can’t remember which one lol I’ll trade for the lvl 50 unkempt Harold if u want to trade

Sure my GT is Brendon Melling im online right now

Bump, just doing some editing to my trade thread.