Looking for action skill start stop gap

I’m open to trading mostly splash and Moze gear. Unfortunately, I’m trying to build a downfall centric Amara build but she’s too vulnerable during the action skill, so I need a way to keep her alive

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Got one for you. Add me : paco97214

Alrighty! I’ll add you when I get on later. 15 min or so

Sent you a friend request. Thanks a lot btw. Just lemme know if there’s any splash related gear you’re looking for. It’s about all I keep on my Moze main bank.

I’m still looking for this. Paco and I were unable to connect as of yet.

I found a x2 gargoyle with 100% sntl cryo active.

I’ll be online in 2h max. I’ll send you the shield

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Oh alright. Sorry. Lost contact after initial message and wasn’t sure what was going on

Yeah i live in france so you know, jetlag​:joy::joy: just send me the friend request don’t worry.

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Hey mate still waiting for your FR

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Hey thanks so much for that. I tried to farm the dedicated boss for it for like 2 hours and never even saw a stop gap drop, much less this anointment! Lemme know if you need any items and I’ll keep an eye for them.

Yeah, that el dragon jr, what an a**hole :rofl::rofl:.

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Hahahah definitely