Looking for active people to play with?

I am part of a clan called FGG (Forbidden Guardians of Gaming) and we’re looking for more people to join our Borderlands section to have the most people going into BL3 together. I LOVE having others to play with! If you do too, Drop your gamertag below and I’ll shoot you a message! We are a group of open minded individuals that like helping each other and just messing around on the game as well.

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Gamer tag is Thebald oyster . looking forward to playong with yall


Still looking for people to play BL2 with and excited for BL3!

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Awesome! Yes. Our gaming group on Facebook is called PhantomSpec Gaming. Or you can add my personal fb Chelsey Sherwood and I’ll get you set up :grin:

What system are you on

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We play Xbox only.

Thank u

Anyone available to play this morning? I am at OP 9 and working on OP 10.


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I can in a bit. Add ChelseyxFaye

Would love to join in gt: mammothmilk

I will add you when I’m on and give you the run down

I was on vacation last week and just added you. Look for Ryansays.

I’d be down. Send a message to DJDuneBuggy950

Hey my gt is Blademaster2099
I play borderlands frequently and I have bl3 pre-order and will be excited to play

xbox one gt: x1x CHAOS x3x

Would love some people to consistently play with! I did just about everything in BL2 solo and at times it was a chore at the OP levels. Looking for highly active and positive players. All are welcome to shoot me a request!

GT = xX Mad Maze Xx
I play most days when I have time normally 10-4pm CST and 10pm-2am
Father of 4, sometimes my son (who is getting really good for a 4yo) plays with me.
Casual but serious gamer lol
Shoot me an Invite when ever anyone wants to game. Looking forward to BL3!!

my name is Ramkick14 on xbox one if anyone wants to play ive got BL3 and Gears 5 im into story completion and also loot farming for rare finds and helping others get certain things if the favor is returned. HMU if anyone is interested.

Hey I’m on when im not working lol
My gamer tag is usmcsgtjohnson

Snowflowfomo, on every night, could always use a couple others to game with, mainly side missions then story