Looking for active people to play with?

I am part of a clan called FGG (Forbidden Guardians of Gaming) and we’re looking for more people to join our Borderlands section to have the most people going into BL3 together. I LOVE having others to play with! If you do too, Drop your gamertag below and I’ll shoot you a message! We are a group of open minded individuals that like helping each other and just messing around on the game as well.

Gamer tag is Thebald oyster . looking forward to playong with yall


Still looking for people to play BL2 with and excited for BL3!

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Awesome! Yes. Our gaming group on Facebook is called PhantomSpec Gaming. Or you can add my personal fb Chelsey Sherwood and I’ll get you set up :grin:

What system are you on

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We play Xbox only.

Thank u

Anyone available to play this morning? I am at OP 9 and working on OP 10.


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I can in a bit. Add ChelseyxFaye

Would love to join in gt: mammothmilk

I will add you when I’m on and give you the run down

I was on vacation last week and just added you. Look for Ryansays.

I’d be down. Send a message to DJDuneBuggy950

Hey my gt is Blademaster2099
I play borderlands frequently and I have bl3 pre-order and will be excited to play

xbox one gt: x1x CHAOS x3x

Would love some people to consistently play with! I did just about everything in BL2 solo and at times it was a chore at the OP levels. Looking for highly active and positive players. All are welcome to shoot me a request!