Looking for active players on PS4 bl2

I’ve beaten bl and bl2 more times than id actually like to admit. Just recently repurchased the game but I switched consoles so I have no previous saved data. Looking for avid gamers (21+) who enjoy leveling up new characters, DLCs, raids, etc.
I have one almost maxed char (krieg) and am looking to do more. My PSN is the same as my username Coconutcremepi

Would like to do some raidbosses like vermi and vorac but get to op8 with an charakter first.I will add you on psn

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Just maxed Krieg to 72, ill get him to OP8 this weekend.

Im there with you guys. Got op8, 6, 72 whatever yall want to do.

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Wanna get our 72s to OP 8 then we will do raid bosses?

Im down with that. Im East Coast Time, PSN: JSILVERS Ill shoot you a FR and join that community mentioned in the thread lets hook up and loot and shoot sometime.

Hello, is there anyone still active that can help me through the ultimate vault hunter mode story and level up?

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I am semi-active and I will help you run the story. Just add me and we can coordinate with each other