Looking for advanced campaign team on Xbox One

I’m trying to get at least silver on all advanced campaign levels. I’ve played all of them on normal so I know what to do, and I’m willing to play support as Reyna.
If you’re interested in kicking some advanced story mode ass, message me here or friend and message EzioRcoDaSantos on the Xbox One.

I have a mic but my connection isn’t always the best so take the good with the bad I guess.
Thanks for any help your willing to give.

Moved ya to the X1 co op category. Best of luck.

I’m working on everything post renegade aka mission 3. Interested in running. No mic here, but take it slow and cover each other and we should be fine.

Be on around 7. GT Ice Cold Jay D

Sounds good just send me a message on the Xbox when you’re ready.

I’ll do the heliophage if you want message me on xbox gt Biollante01

IF you still need someone you can add me ^^ EmothePanda

Still need more players add and message me: ArbiterAlex29

You guys gonna be on tonight? I’ll be on @ 8.

Yeah I probably will what timezone are you in?

I’m playing right now if you’re looking for someone. GT: Polo147 send and invite and i’m ready to start whenever. I have all night to play.

Send me an invite


EST. I’m getting on now.

Ok I’ll be on in a bit

I would like to join as well.

XBLGT: Brxxtxn