Looking for advice: leveling up

Hey there Miko players!

I’ve been playing everyone’s favorite mushroom healer a bit lately. He’s not exactly one of my best hero, but he’s such a solid healer that, as a support player, I feel like he’s a necessary addition to my roster. There’s only one problem: in-game leveling.

I always end up behind in levels, both on Meltdown and especially in Incursion, and I have no idea how to remedy this. I build myself as a pure support and spend most of my time healing people. So much, in fact, that I barely get to do anything else, save for the occasional minion wave and yellow shard. This usually leaves me underleveled compared to everyone else and unlocking my ultimate takes much longer than it should. There’s always someone, somewhere engaging the enemy team so I can’t just farm minions and shards to build things and level up.

When I play Ambra, I don’t have this problem since she’s a more aggressive support. I know I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know how to fix it.


Thanks <3

There was a lengthy post about how to deal with this some time back, but I can’t seem to find it. While hoping someone else remembers what it was called, I can only remember that it said something to the effect of clearing minions, collecting shards, and building structures like supply points and turrets to help supplement the xp you get from assists. I’ll keep hunting that post, though, as it was very well done and much more informative than what I’ve said here.

Found the specific comment!

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IMO dont listen to the meta, dont let people sit there and tell you not to do dmge, Miko is a mediocre damage dealer but he makes up for what he doesnt do with dmge in speed you can run circles around most characters, and you have cc, now dont get me wrong if a person goes down or there health is goin down or a 2 on 1 fight in your favor yea heal your butt off ur gonna win! but otherwise your just as good as the other battleborn you can go take thrall camps kill minions act as a noraml player with off healz beginning match, again IMO b4 the meta heads come down on me XD

Thanks for the replies, folks!

It’s always a tough call to break away from the group to farm minions or shards, but I guess it must be done or you fall behind too much and become an easy target. Kill assists do give me exp, but not enough to properly sustain proper leveling. Seems like I just need to learn how to better read situations and determine when’s the best time to go do my own thing.

I’ve had no problems with the lvling aspect as a Miko main. After lvl 2 I can follow my damage dealer into the fray of battle and keep them alive while they get kills and me getting the assist xp. But that isn’t always an option if you aren’t grouped with anyone

Once you get biosynthesis upgrade to heal surrounding allies at level 2, you can pop that and put out damage at the same time as healing, it helps. Miko’s kunai adds dots, so you can easily get assists alongside putting out heals and spores to slow down enemies as well as dots. Miko can level fairly quickly if you rotate healing and putting out some damage in between.