Looking for advice on op level build (solo)

I just signed up having watched loads of derch’s videos for years. i’m not a borderlands novice but I am a gaige one. any advice is welcome, i can provide additional information if it is needed. i’m going to be trying to get her to op8 solo, any tips on builds an strategies would be welcome. thanks


I remember this being a rather productive thread.


thanks both for the links, i’ll give them a read

This is The build I use for my solo OP8 gaige,
Wep1: Fibber( fire)
Wep2: Fibber (corrosive)
Wep3: conference call or interfacers
Wep4: norfleet( FFYL situations)
Shield: Hide of terra( for DT) antagonist( for gaige)
Class mod: Legendary Anarchist or Legendary mecromancer
Grenades: Magic missles( for slagging)
Relic: Sherrifs badge or Bone of ancient

Been playing this build for awhile great for solo, wouldn’t recommend in groups because you will be shield swapping or even weapon swapping.