Looking for advice on sending/accepting friend requests

It’s late and I am probably missing something obvious, but I can’t seem to add my husband to my friends list and vice versa. I get an error that a request is out there, but there is no notification that there is a pending request on the social roster? Last night the only way we could invite each other was to actually create a lan connection instead of friends only play option.

Any advice on what I am missing?

This is certainly a fun game to play with the other half.

What platform are you using?

On the XBox you’ll both need XBox Gamertags and the person who the console is registered to will need the XBox LIVE Service.

Then it’s as simple as your husband logging into his own Gamertage and pressing “A” on the controller at the start screen.

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We are on PC, thank you for the help.

I finally figured it out, for anyone on PC, the friend request you send out goes through Epic games store interface. Once you accept friends there, you can see them in B3 social panel.

Great thanks for the tip, i am on PC and couldn’t find the invite either…we were going a little crazy whilst in game.