Looking for Advice on where to farm artifacts

I’m not sure what is going on, but I rarely get Artifacts anymore. Being that I am now looking for specific ones, it feels even worse. Does anyone have any good spots?

I’m kind of interested in this as well. I been looking for an artifact with a regen stat on it but I never find one. If I could improve my chances somehow that would be nice.

They’re world drops, so graveward is best, but tyreen and troy are both good options too though they have immune stages

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Yup, those are my go to spots as well.

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honestly this is how i got most of my legendary artifacts. not online thats for sure, i put my game in offline mode, and fight vermilinuga.

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How about Slaughter Shaft? In my experience, I have never had a single artifact drop. Bad Rng?

I find Gigamind drops me more Class mods and Artifacts then GW does. Not a big Tyrene farmer so I don’t have a good comparison. But Giganerd has a pretty good rate for them.


Thank you, Gigamind check.

Cool I’ll check that one out.

Or try to trade for what you want

i personally have a tonne, and would be willing to give you some if you are playing on pc. i just kinda want them out of my inventory.

I’m on PS4. Thank you for the offer though.

I must agree on Gigamind. Almost every Legendary class mod I use now I got from this easy farm. Also drops Legendaries weapons almost every time.


Graveward or Gigamind I’ve found drop lots of artifacts

Offline loot tinks.


Yeah Gigamind drops artifacts a lot compared to others.


+1 on this, Jakob’s Estate loot tink offline MH3.

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i wouldn’t farm graveward for artifacts or class mods, unless you can melt him down fast. he’s more of a grind you go after when you have semi decent gear.

All you need is a crit built flak and a lyuda.