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Not all that familiar with running for gear. The only thing I’ve managed to figure out is running the dust behind Ellies for Tubbies and Veruc/Lyuuda. I’ve got a level 72 Mechromancer and going on 50 Siren that are both severely undergeared with the exception of a DPUH and Rubi on Mecha and a Two Fer Maggie on Siren.

The problem I’m having right now is getting bored trying to farm for items on my Mecha that I don’t even know will work for her, and on my Siren I’m trying to get some decent gear that will last me a few levels into UVHM. I’m about to fight Bunker so I’m grinding the constructor and 3 chest from the bunker door for some okay experience and possible legend/llm chances, but what from there? I’ll continue on once I hit 51 beating the bunker and then heading through the rest of story mood, but I’ve always been bad with planning for gear.

Arid Nexus - Badlands is a great map to farm. You get 4 red chests, Saturn, Bonehead, and lots of opportunities for tubby skags. It’s also a fairly fast map to clear. One of my favourite maps. Saturn can drop the Invader Sniper Rifle and also the Hive Rocket Launcher, Bonehead drops the Bone Shredder, which is actually pretty good for both your characters. Gaige can make it a beast with Close Enough, and Maya loves SMGs.

Arid Nexus - Boneyard isn’t that great but you can of course farm a Bee Shield there.

Mercenary Day (Loot Train) - This is a great place to regularly farm for new gear in UVHM because it scales to you, Tinder Snowflake is pretty easy to kill and you get the loot train after every run, meaning some good opportunities for Pearls and Legendaries, as well as some nice purple weapons, relics, grenade mods and class mods that may improve on your current stuff.

I’d offer to help you but i’m not on PS3. Maybe someone who is can offer some assistance.

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You don’t happen to have links for videos regarding these runs do you? It’s sad to say but I’m a better visual learner than I am a reading learner.

No, but if it would help you I can probably make a couple of game clips?

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If you could give clips of the areas as you run towards where you said then yes that’d be extremely helpful and just as appreciated :3

I just made a clip of the Badlands run. Clocked in at 9 minutes and 19 seconds, and I wasn’t rushing. There’s one red chest I left out, the one near where you go in the story for the data mining, after killing Saturn. I leave it out because it’s out of the way compared to everything else, but you can of course cover that too. I’ll get it uploaded to youtube as soon as it uploads to Xbox Live :slight_smile:

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The run I got familiar with going to Saturn was just grenade jumping the broken barrier and then jumping on the building after I killed Saturn to get the red chest.

Doing that misses out all the Skags and other 2 easy red chests, of course that works if all you want to do is farm Saturn.

This is one of the easiest farms in the game. and I have visual proof. :wink:

Hornet is an awesome pistol.

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As for the Snowman and Bee farming, I think those things are quite self explanatory. I mean, I can upload a clip of me killing the snowman but I don’t see how that will help you, to be honest.

Yes I did love that pistol when I started with Maya. I’m planning on getting it again once I get level 72 and start getting into uvhm.

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The snowman was horrible to me when it came to farming for legendaries and pearls. I was lucky if I ever saw eridium, purples, and etechs. As for Bee I’m familiar with farming for it on Tiny Tina’s dlc.

You aren’t farming the Snowman for what he drops, you’re farming him for the loot train that arrives after you’ve killed him. As far as I know the snowman drops mostly crap.

I WAS referring to the train sadly XD My family creed is If we didn’t have bad luck we’d have no luck at all.

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I’ll be bold and say if you farm that 10 times, you’ll see orange at least 5 times. Now whether it’s an orange you want, that’s another matter.

Also, obviously while making a clip of a farming route, of course I got no drops… :smiley:

I’ve gotten good purples from him. got a perfect Boss Gatling Gun from him. Pretty sweet drop actually. :slight_smile:

and for easy farms, I think you said you already had one, but the maggie is an easy farm as well. you can spawn right at the train station if you walk through from Lynchwood. I can provide visual proof of that as well. I don’t think you need it, however. :slight_smile:

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Unless of course you’re a sensible person who sided with Mick. Then you can farm the AMAZING Slagga instead :smiley:

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No I’m in tvhm so I went for the Maggie but uvhm I’ll be farming for Slagga since I’ve dropped a Maggie a couple of times on my Mechro. It was a while ago but still a Two Fer Maggie was better than my Trickshot Maggie.

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Dastardly is where it’s at.

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@bigbroobi @Kurtdawg13

Here’s that clip, this run is in no way meant to be optimal, i’ve not actually run this map in a while so a lot of it was “oh I forgot this part” etc. Complete with a bonus feature, a completely stupid FFYL. :slight_smile:

Also the reason I check Teddy’s shack is because you can get midgets in there.

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