Looking for advice

purple anarchist. nice!

Edit: I can’t believe you’re using the RL/Pimp combo in this map. Saturn, I get it. But the entire map?! that’s like bringing the Jaws of Life to open a can of soda. lmao :laughing:

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from day one of that DLC only have had 1 infinity out of the Train

all other regular farms my RNG is so good I could probably shoot a bullymong projectile and have a LLM fall out of it.
BUT the RNG in that DLC is so bad for me, that I thought for the longest time that people were planting those just to say that, till I busted my dry streak with the one I mention above.

Now, I’m working on my second streak of Bad RNG for that DLC :grinning:

thinking about it, maybe that’s why RNG’s so good to me elsewhere :thinking:

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Just lazy I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kurtdawg13 I’m happy to run a ‘funnier’ alternative if it’ll make you happy :smiley:

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not sure if this is funnier, but I wouldn’t mind seeing you clear that map with dual Bitches! you might need to respec, since it won’t be healing you.

or, to keep in easy, try using the heartbreaker in your main hand and a nice alternative shotty in your offhand. like maybe a conference call, or something? I’d say butcher, but you might not have one.

I have neither on level, But I could use Hearbreaker and Orphan Maker or Twister??

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twister would be cool, visually. :wink:

its a more exciting viewing as well as game play for you, to get up close with shotty’s, vs sitting back and pimp’ing um. :wink:

edit: for example:

I just made a clip of me using OP6 Maya on that map having not used her for anything for months… it wasn’t too pretty! :smiley:

Lynchwood is a tough map to clear, imo. if that is what you’re talking about? OP8 is tough with no moxxi healing or slag.

See these just aren’t fair. There’s not enough ps3 support anymore for players like me who end up having to solo all the time because I can’t afford a ps4. I’m after a Twister for my Gaige because I read it’s really good for her but because of the guy I have to beat to get it it’ll be a near impossible farm for soloing. Another thing I realized after farming the guy about 20 times was that when Saturn drops the Hive it’s not a legendary and I had already gotten 3 of them but they weren’t what I was expecting them to be.

So now what I want to do is build my mechro to where I can try and farm Hyperius for a Norfleet, but the items I need are juuuuust outside of my reach soloing.

My items as of right now are:

Miss Moxxi’s Rubi slag
Analytical Yellow Jacket
Plenteous PBFG
The Transformer: Immune to Elec
Legendary Mechro Mod
Homing Quasar
Bone of the Ancients 30% Shock 36.8% Cooldown

BNK-3R is a pushover if you have a good corrosive weapon; i.e. the Hornet, Baby Maker or Emperor in corrosive element, etc. The Emperor is really easy and you get four chances in one run for it to drop. If you have completed the mission “Assassinate the Assassins” in Southpaw Steam and Power, you can get the Emperor. It drops from any one of the four assassins. In Tundra Express, if you’ve completed all of Tiny Tina’s side missions, you farm the Baby Maker. If so, when you fast travel there (NOT the farmhouse) take an immediate left, following the wall on your left past the Varkids, go up the path and then stick to the right side wall, past more Varkids, and up that narrow little path to the top of the hill. There you can kill Madame Von Bartlesby (a giant varkid) for a chance to farm the Baby Maker. Once she’s killed (on each run and always after you kill her) if you’re facing away from the where the Buzzard is circling with the perimeter tower on your right; go to the tower and drop off the cliff, immediately moving to hug the wall where a developer chest waits! Then save quit, reload, kill Madame, check chest, repeat. And as provably already mentioned, Knuckledragger is the one to farm for the Hornet.

One is a quest reward, the other is extremely easy to farm.

Easy to farm[quote=“bigbroobi, post:29, topic:1561741”]
Legendary Mechro Mod

Both are easy to farm. PBFG is just a world drop item so you’ll get one in a chest eventually.

Those are all items I already have. I’m trying to replace them for when I can find a good uvhm shock gaige build.

Have you looked into Anarchy yet? It may provide a much needed boost…

Currently running that now. It’s a Shock Anarchy build that I’m trying to find.

you can farm it solo, I did. :wink:

Bruh, I know a few, one is gear specific, others are flexible. What level is your Gaige?

She is level 72 and still on uvhm no op yet

OP don’t matter my friend, 72 is just fine.

[Bouncing Bullet Barrage build]
(Bouncing Bullet Barrage [Build Guide] (lv. 50 -- OP6))

And my standard build:

With this I use an Antagonist or Blockade shield, Shock Longbow Quasar or Magic Missile, 2 Fibbers (1 shock, 1 corrosive), 2 Kittens (same elements), 2 Conference Calls (same elements), 3 Avengers (same two elements plus 1 no-element) and a Norfleet or DPUH for FFYL. And also use the Legendary Catalyst COM.

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I prefer the rare corrosive Quasar… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, its a shock based build, so thats…yeah…I like a nice slag one though too…