Looking for advice

I’m joking about the Quasar only being available in shock :wink:

If a quasar is any element other than shock it’s modded.

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I got it dude. Mr. comedian over here. lol

At first I thought, He has a modded Quasar?! :scream:
then I thought, sarcasm. lol

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I am British, we’re known for our sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

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The idea I had in mind is a build that revolves around healing with Rubi and Chain Lightning once I can get it, but then using the DoT damage from the electric damage. I know there’s a few builds out there but the only ones I’ve seen go either route. I found one that does really good DoT damage but I keep losing the link for it on my phone and when I find it again I keep forgetting to bookmark the link.

I’m definitely a convert to the Church of Chain Lightning. Never bothered with one before recently, but it’s pretty good. Admittedly i’d recommend a storm front if you want DoTs. And partially on topic from a few comments ago, if you ever see a Storm Front that is called Shock Storm Front, it’s modded.

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Storm front is an awesome nade. however, in Gaige specifically, the Chain Lightning is broken on her, from what I’ve read. I haven’t practiced it myself. apparently it is the nade of choice on Gaige for certain builds.

Another reason to hate Gaige :slight_smile: anything that promotes the non-use of a Storm Front loses in my book.

You would be surprised at the number of gamers(albeit, noobs) that don’t know about modded gear. I have come across a random that after chatting about the game and mechanics, he decides to toss some gear on the floor asking me if it looked modded or not.

I take for granted the knowledge I’ve gained from being a forum member.

Yeah I rarely get anyone who joins my games so I’m pretty sure I’ll be free from modded items, and as for storm front if I remember correctly I think I can drop that from the Ninja Rats and Master Dinter or w/e the other guys name is. The main problem I have with them…is that blasted lever room. I can never remember what combo it is to turn all the lights green the fastest so I always turn them all until I get it.

I didn’t intend on just having Chain Lightning though that’ll be for bosses. My main and go to grenade will be, of course, the Storm Front since 90% of the time I’m on the map dealing with normal mobs.

I admit I may not always be able to spot it a mile off but some items are so hilariously bad it’s obvious. a Shock Storm Front for example, even if you didn’t notice the damage on par with the Fastball, that’s a pretty big giveaway.

Valve x2, TV x3, Lever x3, Switch next to lever x3


you don’t need to do the lever room, that is just to spawn splinter, or whatever he’s called. you’ll get the drop before you even hit that room, if the drops occurs. RNG will play a part in this. ;)[quote=“Vinterbris, post:52, topic:1561741”]

that drops NOTHING. LOL

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That’s a fat lie, sir. I am almost certain I once got a nice green bandit assault rifle from him! YOU TAKE IT BACK!!!

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I honestly meant singularity :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: …helluva lot easier to get a good one of those with a nice fuse time, than farm for a Quasar.

And @bigbroobi the Kitten is my Moxxi weapon of choice. And it only takes a few tweaks to max out More Pep and Evil Enchantress to make sure they get a nice electrocute DoT. And I believe you might be looking for a build called the Tesla Coil. Just scroll the forums and it’s easy to spot - as well as being included in the Mechromancer Master Build list.

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I raise you

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I will have to concede to your superiority. I do this, because you just dropped my favorite band on me. and I love you for it. So good. Thank you. :blush: Floyd rocks!

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Not sure how to quote but that’s the one Ninja, and yes I intend to invest in a Kitten as well mostly because of the name <.< Yes Obi likes da furry plus it doesn’t help my fiance/wife w/e you wanna call her, we’re engaged but in terms of connection we’re already married just without the paper to prove it, acts like one all the time.

Regarding Splinter knockoff I have dropped a Shock Storm from him before after getting one from the guys before him, and his was better even though it wasn’t a longbow.

You and I will get on just fine, kid. :slight_smile:

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