Looking For Alkaline Mistress and All-Seeing Eye - heads/skins/art for trade! (ps4)

I’ve been searching for alkaline mistress and all-seeing eye forever, to no avail. I have a Zer0 Alienati0n head to trade and a few misc Axton skins/heads (ask for details, they’re nothing particularly rare), but if there’s a head or skin you want, I’m willing to go out looking for it. I can, in theory, get any Torgue head you want, for example.

I can also offer art! One (digital) colored character w/ no background for one head or skin. ( http://instagram.com/ftpatrickstump )

I just really, really want these! Thanks! <3

First one is from any badass enemy second from threshers both rare drops shouldn’t take long to farm give me a nod if u want a hand threshers caustic caverns :smiley:

Just got a alkaline mistress drop you can have it add me psn rockshox

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Thank you so much! My psn is rydmir, I’ll add you right away!

Np I’ll keep eye out for the all seeing eye, I’ve already got it but sure I’ll come across it again