Looking for alternate Borderlands boards

Hi, does anyone know of any other boards dedicated to Borderlands 3 or Borderlands in general?

I know there’s reddit, but I’m not a big fan of how reddit works, so if you guys know of any other board, could you please tell me?


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As you’ve mentioned, there’s reddit.

There’s also the Borderlands discord.
Xbox and PSN may have clubs and groups.
Steam will probably get a community, eventually.

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Facebook also have with 50K members.

There’s always GameFAQs. It’s not as big as Reddit, obviously. It’s also GameFAQs, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Um, I’m bit out of loop. What’s so “cup of tea” about Gamefaqs?

Also, before buying BL3 I plan to scan reviews and forums. So, which ones are best suited for all-rounder set of opinions? Because this forum right here won’t ever be useful in that aspect (knowing its origin and big chunk of fauna).

Don’t want to wait 2-3 years for Derch to post his review (his review of BL2 is impressive). Hope it’s not too off-topic, but don’t Youtube channels also work like pseudo-boards? Comment sections sometimes can be very useful…

In my experience the forums on gamefaqs seem to largely rotate around calling people ■■■■■■■■ for asking questions and general dickbaggery. I could be off though.

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I get your scepticism about this place in terms of reliable reviews. I can assure you, however, that the games greatest fans will also be the games harshest critics.

This is encouraged here. Gearbox know they will get some useful feedback here. And most of it won’t be abusive fullcaps flaming, but more helpful, constructive, or knowledgeable feedback than that usually provides.

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The overall attitude is a bit more aggressive than most forums, especially on the console dedicated mega-boards. The trolling, shitposting, and alternate account antics isn’t for everyone. And boy, is there a lot of it.

That said, if you were to stick simply to the BL3 board, it probably wouldn’t be too bad. Game-specific boards there are far more tame than the rest of it… usually. The Dragon’s Dogma board, when it was active, as an example, was probably the nicest community I’ve ever seen on the Internet. We’ll have to see how the BL3 board fares.


I always just hated the interface on GameFaqs. The Last Remnant board was awesome people, but that’s the only game I remember using it for extensively

Just to say what no one else is saying, every game ends up spawning a forum that’s best for that game. Honestly, if you want a good community for Borderlands this is where it’s at if you were to ask me. Some games the steam forums are better, others Gamfaqs, etc. But, the people here are pretty cool. So, you do you but I found the other sites lackluster for BL content.

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