Looking for amara anointed REDUNDANT Brainstormer, have lots to trade

Psn : Prsnikty Online now
Also looking for anointed Large Firestorm,
Rowan’s call, ice breaker, have a couple lucian’s call’s and queen’s calls, amara ANOINTED REDUNDANT BRAINSTORMER!!

I have the 50% incindiary redundant one, a 100% action skill end damage increase redundant one and a cash infused 250% phasecast one. Any anointed Cryo Lucian calls? Also have large firestorm and icebreaker

Yes, I have cryo lucians, but not anointed ;(

Currently playing offline

I also have 50% cryo operative redundant

Hey I found a cryo anointed lucians 50% shock dmg, do you still have the redundant stormer?

any chance you still have a 50% on AS end redundant brainstormer!? 7GSaint on epic games

This a PS4 trading area mate. Try the PC one.