Looking for Amara Mod with Dahl dmg increase

Looking to work on my amara need a level 50 legend mod with dahl dmg increase

Any mod in particular? I have 4 or 5 in storage, no idea if any have Dahl boost but I can check tonight. What’s gamer tag if I have one?

Thank you would appreciate it! I’m looking for phasezeker with dahle or assault rifle increase of some sort. Trying to make my breath of dying even stronger. My Gamertag is Reapjitsu. Thanks again!

Sorry no phasezerker or Dahl boost, if I find anything I’ll let you know

Dahl weapon damage is only +10% while Assault Rifle damage is +31% on mods, so i would go for one with Assault Rifle damage and not Dahl weapon damage or also one with both of course.

I have only this one with Dahl:

Possible that I have more, I only looked through the pics I did for someone else that wanted Breaker mods, so will have to take a look at my mules if there’s a Phasezerker with Dahl or Assault or both.

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Sounds good man! Thank you for looking! I’ll definitely take your advise and stay on the look out for one with assault rifle dmg increase!