Looking for ammo regeneration terror anoint, and melee attack terror apply items

Anything will do. Preferably weapons or shields however

I have a call lucians with this anointing.

Cool. what are you looking for in return?

I have a bunch of terror gear. Anything specific you looking for weapon wise. I have a bunch of different grenades with all different terror annointment, same with shields. I have a spare facepuncher with apply terror on melee annointment in my vault right now. All my other gear is on mules.

Ok. What would you like for the facepuncher? Also, what items do you have for ammo regeneration?

Right now I’m looking for cutsmans with while sntl active do bonus cryo, while gamma burst active do bonus rad dmg, ase 100% and 125% to badass and bosses on ase. Preferably corrosive but will take others.

For ammo regen off the top of my head I know I have a transformer. I will have to look at other shields and grenades

For a cutsman all I really have right now is bonus crit after using rakk attack. I don’t know if there is anything else you would like but I will try to find what you need. I just really need these terror anointments

I am looking for anointed redistributors, “the duc” anointed STNL + 50% or 100% ASE.

Tell ya what I will send ya the facepuncher as a late Christmas gift. Add me Gt is Ye olde wolf. Once I look through all the stuff I got we can maybe trade some things

Do you happen to have a grenade with ammo regen? Could not care less if it was anything, any level. Last one I had fell through the floor, along with my health regen Transformer (don’t need that anymore, but it all sucks). Lol

Thank you. Mine is KillaGh0st

Just sent over the facepuncher. I will check on the other stuff for you when I get a chance

Ok. Thanks a lot