Looking for an absolute zero

Hey, I play on xbox one and I want an absolute zero lvl 70 laser I have a bunch o legendaries to trade, add me on Xbox one: LordNightmare19

You might have better success if this was in the correct section.

@JoeKGBX might be able to help. :wink:

and I’m GT: Kurtdawg13 on xbone one.

Yeah lol Now I found the Xbox one section hahaha
You don’t happen to have an absolute zero do ya?

I do. more than one. LOL

But, I would have more fun trying to get you one of your own. I am down to co-op and help you. And if we don’t end up getting one I can always give you one of mine. :wink:

Yeah I’ve been farming like +50 times now Eos and I was only able to get 2 kaneda’s laser and every other legendary of the vanilla game, what time you can play?

first off, whats the damage on your Kaneda’s? I had a 227K one but lost it due to my own stupidity. :pensive: Looking to find it again.

I get on around 5pm PST. I’m in California. Been on BL2 a lot lately. But I’ll do my best to “handle” my addiction and visit Elpis for a bit. LOL If I stay on Elpis too long, I get the shakes. LOL so I end up coming back to Pandora.