Looking for an Ajax ogre

So I farmed this back in the day for the 360 version and I’m dreading it again on the remaster due to the no fast travel in the dlc. If anybody could help I’d appreciate it. I’ve got some stuff to drop in exchange but mosts just okay due to just hitting LV69 this morning. My PSN ID is Chazzad. Thanks

Pretty sure you’re asking for a weapon that can’t actually spawn.
Gonna page @billthebetta and @Kurtdawg13 to verify tho

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You can’t, machinguns can’t spawn at lvl 69 for some reason.


Well that’s good to know

Yeah for whatever reason machine guns don’t spawn as item of the day finds in vendors, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a loot midget use one either.

Even then, Ajax still isn’t one of the Lv69 loot sources, so any Lv69 Ajax Ogre would definitely be illegit.

You can get one Lv66-68 though. Can’t help you there, I’m don’t have this on the PS4.

Here’s hoping you can find one with decent parts!


Oh yeah forgot that, it’s been awhile since I’ve played the first game. I just remember it was the most tedious farm

Tedious doesn’t begin to properly describe that, I feel like black hole is a better way to describe it than farm. I put in more than 18k Ajax kills on Ps3, and never got an Ajax ogre. Haven’t even touched him on PS4. Hell I don’t even think I’ve done the mission(s) for him yet. I’m still farming for a good specter COM for Lilly, so I can farm craw more easily though, so it’ll be a while before I touch him, or that mission again if I even decide to.

I eventually got one on my Xbox days, crappy parts if I remember right but it still was pretty good. I’m close to where I can farm for it but with BL3 coming out soon I probably won’t bother

Crimson Shorty or the Zombie DLC that has Frankenstein Goliath or whatever the name is that carries a chest on its back. Those are two sources of level 69 gear. But those cannot spawn an Ajax Ogre.

I know, I talking about normal Ogre you cant get that at lvl 69 or any machingun at that lvl unfortunately.

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