Looking for an alkaline the bee lvl. 72

Hey guys,

I’ve been spending hours trying to farm a 70-72 alkaline version of the bee with no luck. Would highly appreciate a trade for one of the items below:

72 Thunderball fists
71/72 DP Unkempt Harold
72 fire lady fist
72 corrosive topneaa (and other elements e-tech launchers)
71 hellfire
70 avenger
71 shock or corrosive bone of the ancients
72 legendary berserker
64 legendary gunzerker (+44 cool down and all +5 skills)
72 chaotic evil monk
72 quasar
71 bonus package
72 magic missile
72 big boom blaster
72 evolution

I also have a few lower level oranges or I can try and help you farm something else (lvl. 72).

My GT is Tinorioakck01, feel free to add/send me a message.


I have an op8 bee that’s all I have and thunderball fist