Looking For an Amara Build

I’m trying to find an Amara build that I like. I’d like to be able to mayhem 4 at a decent clip. I can do it now, but it takes me forever to kill bosses. I just switched up to the driver/elemental projector/mindfulness build I’ve been seeing all over. It’s ok, but I have a question about it, and some general Amara build questions.

First question, when I use my action skill and DOT myself mindfulness doesn’t always proc. Am I missing something? Shouldn’t it always proc and give me the mindfulness buff? This is with the Spiritual Driver and Elemental projector equipped.

More importantly, I’m not sure I like the mechanics of the build. I don’t like flying around the screen flailing around with my guns. I’m more deliberate in my playstyle I guess.

Is there a more controlled build that uses phase grasp that is still capable of farming Mayhem 4? I’m at a loss here, any advice/information is greatly appreciated.


I have recently built a Ties That Bind build which really pounds hard. It’s able to blaze through mobs and bosses and has plenty of survivability. Here’s the skill point allocation:

Weapons: Corrosive Cutsman, Brainstormer, Wedding Invitation, anything else.
Gear: Stop-Gap shield, Quasar or It’s Piss grenade, Phasezerker, Last Stand Victory Rush

Mobs don’t stand a chance against Ties That Bind backed up by rush stacks, Stillness of Mind, Personal Space, Remnant, Do Harm and Laid Bare. Bosses fall fast against the weapons while Sustainment mixed with the Stop-Gap and Last Stand relic provide plenty of survivability.

I haven’t taken it up against Wotan yet but it has handled several proving grounds and the Slaughter Shaft just fine.

The Wedding Invitation works wonders under the effects of Ties That Bind. You can take out crowds of bad asses in a single shot while that same bullet restores your entire health pool and, thanks to Dread, you’re automatically back up to a full magazine. It’s a build truly capable of sniping, though by no means being limited to that.


I’ve really been loving the wedding invitation do I’m going to give this a go. I was able to take down Wotan last night without too much trouble on mayhem 3, but when I tried again this morning I was just getting wrecked.