Looking for an anointed Maggie

Currently Looking for a Maggie with either 15% lifesteal on action skill or 30% lifesteal on attack command (preferably the 30% but I’m not complaining either way)

I have a 30% maggie, do you have gamma burst stuff? Im looking for a pestilence gamma burst anointed, Redsuit shield lvl 50, Gamma burst warlords, Atom balm otto idol, firend bot mod with cd reduction

Badass I have a redsuit, I don’t have much else but will keep my eye out

I’m Biggoboybales on Xbox, message me if your down to trade that redsuit for that Maggie

Sorry was out tonight, i am interested. What are the stats on your redsuit

3282 capacity
2.4 RD
1642 RR

Nova with knockback

I’ve also got the mission available in TVHM

Let me know man, I really need that Maggie

I’ve got a Maggie-ASE, 125% more damage…sadly no lifesteal :frowning:

Sorry i wasnt on that much this weekend, if you dont mind getting the other on tvhm, id like it anointed cooldown

Is there a way to farm quest rewards?

I got the second one. It’s literally the same as the one I’ve already got tho.

You wanna trade for it? It’s a boss killer to me