Looking for an anointed sledges shotgun and elemental otto idol

I need a sledges shotgun with anointment rakk attack ase 100% damage and an elemental projector otto idol

I got a few elemental projectors. Any specific rolls you’re looking for?

I have sledges 100% ase not quite what you’re looking for but would work.

Also have projector Otto idol.

Yall add me on psn BADAZZ_PSYCHO.
I’ll definitly take the sledges shot gun.
I’d like an otto idol with maybe health regen or max health an actionskill cooldown. Any element will do but would like fire if possible

And yeah I’d like fire element damage boost and if possible max health or health regen.

I’ll take both lol psn is BADAZZ_PSYCHO

I wont be on until 430 ish central time

I wont be on bud till 430ish central

Sent ya in invite. I’ll send some elemental projectors to ya and whatever you dont want just send back

Ok I’ll check em out when I get home bud I appreciate it!

What’s your in game name?

I’ve got 100% ase sledge super shotgun. If that works

Add me on psn BADAZZ_PSYCHO

Add me on psn BADAZZ_PSYCHO please

Did you wanna still connect for the sledges shot gun?

Yea sorry brother I got caught up in work

I have a good elemental otto idol. I’m looking for the takedown rakk class mod if you have one?

Ok np you got my psn id lol