Looking for an artwork

Hi !
I was playing Bounty of Blood DLC and I saw this amazing poster of a Bellik

Anyone know if I can find a high definition image somewhere? Or maybe how can I find the artist who created this?

Thanks guys, have a nice day !


heh, damn.
not gonna lie, i’d love a framed version of this in my room.
(real life room, not sanctuary)


Yeah right?
I’d love too !

I know some of the BoB artwork has been posted on Art Station, but I am not sure if that extends to the posters. There’s a thread for it in the BL3 News section which has the links. And yes, that would be awesome to purchase. Probably worth dropping a suggestion over to the GearboxLoot folks.

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I already checked Artstation before, but it hasn’t been posted on it.
Thanks for the GearboxLoot idea, worth a try!