Looking for an OP 10 Explosive Norfleet


If you could help that would be great. Thanks

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Explosive Norfleets are always modded. They cannot be obtained in the game, sorry.

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I’ve finally seen the legendary explosive norfleet post for myself



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The meme lives! Long live the meme!


Don’t let these guys troll you, Matt. Here’s how to acquire an explosive Norfleet.

First, you’re going to need the Tiny Tina’s Attack on Dragon Keep DLC and a Magic Missle.

So, you need to spawn the secret boss in this DLC, Caerbannog the Invincible, who is located in The Immortal Woods, by triggering two buttons, spawning and defeating a special BA skeleton, and throwing a Magic Missile at the cave entrance where Caerbannog spawns.

The first button is located here:

This area is where you find the “Between Two Ferns” Easter egg. You see two chairs:

When you get close, you can interact with them by “examining” them with your use command:

Examine both chairs in quick succession, and you’ll spawn a table with a button:

Press the button, and ferns will appear, but you should also hear a click to the left. That’s it, now move on to the next button, which is located here:

Once you’ve cleared the riff-raff from this area, approach the shrine and you’ll be able to interact with it.

Defeat the three flaming skulls then move on to the next trigger, which is spawning a special BA skeleton, located here:

Once you’re here, approach the door and you should spawn a BA skeleton.

Once you’ve killed the BA Skeleton, you can move on to the cave where Caerbannog spawns, which is located here:

When you’ve killed the dragons that spawn from this cave, you’ll need to get close to the cave and throw a Magic Missile at it, which has a chance to spawn Caerbannog. You’ll know that you’ve spawned him when the cave’s darkness disappears revealing a door, which will open and out from which Caerbannog will hop. Also, obviously, you’ll see his massive health bar at the top of the screen with the words Caerbannog the Invincible:

Once you throw the grenade, run away! Caerbannog is super fast and has an almost unavoidable leaping melee attack that will strip your shields and most of your health instantly. The strategy for fighting him is to stay as far away as possible and use long range weapons. This is a difficult boss in general, but especially difficult for Krieg and melee zero.

This boss, like the other secret raid bosses, only has a chance to spawn. So, if he doesn’t spawn immediately, you’ll have to save and quit and do the triggers again. But keep at it, he WILL spawn.

Also, like other raid bosses, he only has a chance of dropping stuff from his legendary loot pool, which includes several items, not just the explosive Norfleet. He has a chance to drop:

  • Explosive Norfleet - flavor text: “Blows Up Everything!!!”

  • Slag Infinity - flavor text: “It’s closer than you think! (no it isn’t)”

  • Pepperbox - no flavor text

  • Holy Hand Grenade - flavor text: “With it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy.”

So even if you manage to spawn Caerbannog, and manage to get him to drop something from his legendary loot pool, you still might not get the Norfleet.

It might take some time, but keep at it. That explosive Norfleet will drop eventually.

Good luck.


Just to confirm: Norfleets can’t legitimately spawn as explosive.