Looking for an OP level 1-3 fibber

Looking for an OP 1-3 ricochet fibber, dreading having to reset uvhm again to get one.

I may be able to help you, I’m currently OP4 but I never did that quest in UVHM, and since I plan to reset at OP8 anyway, I could do the quest at OP3 for you and then just do it again later.

Any particular prefix/parts/element you want?

That would be great, not really any prefix in particular just need one to shread hyperius with. The ‘shotgun’ barrel is obviously the best. And fire would be the best element but it’s not essential.

Are you in a rush? I’m heading offline for a while shortly for dinner, but I am happy to get those missions done as soon as i’m back on a little later.

No I’m good to do it whenever, I’m gonna run through the torque dlc quick for the achievement anyway. Take your time.

Ok then, i’m not 100% familiar with parts so could you explain what the ‘shotgun’ barrel is? Which manufacturers barrel is that?

Honestly I’m not too sure either, I’ll have a look around and find out.

If it’s the barrel that looks like an old fashioned revolver, it’s the Jakobs barrel.

Okay, I’ve found out that all the barrels have the same barrel texture but the variant we will need will have very high damage, that’s the only way to tell the difference. Also the prefix will have to be anything but redundant.

Being Hyperion, i’m guessing you’d want Win-Win prefix for the double pellet count?

That would usually be the case but for some reason the fibber doesn’t have this prefix.

Well I have seen Win-Win fibbers in images and stuff. Anyway, I just left Stanley at Ore Chasm so I can start when I get back from eating :slight_smile:

Oh okay that’s great, let me know when you’re done. I’d have a headset but it broke last week for some reason, does that matter?

Not at all, I only need to drop it for you, we don’t need to speak :slight_smile:

Ah okay cheers mate, are you gonna get it and then let me know when you’ve got it then? I suppose that’d be a ton easier than having to save and quit and invite every time

Yes, is your GT the same as your name here?

Yes sir

Ok, i’ve just done the clothes part, just got the body parts and then fight him, and I should be done. i’ll send a message over Live when i’m done.

Alright, thanks a ton for doing this btw

Ah it’s no big deal, it’s a pretty fun quest anyway :slight_smile: