Looking for an OP8 bladed grog nozzle

Hello vault hunters!

I recently got my assassin to OP8 and am in need of a bladed grog nozzle to give to him. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My GT is Legend of River


Idk if Xbox also has it but PS4 has a community tab and you can look at your application and join a community and post it there. People usually get back very quickly and are always open to trading. If Xbox does have that feature I would definitely try that just to double your chances of receiving a bladed Grog

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Thanks for the advice!

Hey, I’m looking for the same. If MassiveGat’s advice work, could you please let me know what you did? Or if you get a hold of one somehow let me know? I’d love to stop carrying around this mission item Grog and get a permanently bladed one. I use a melee Zer0 and have some good stuff for that kind of build if you want to trade. Any help would be awesome!

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I might have an idea for y’all. If there’s nobody to drop a bladed Grog you could try farming a Bladed Rubi, which is another Moxxi pistol with the 2nd highest healing potential of any Moxxi weapon. It’s not gonna be an easy farm especially if you want it to be slag and bladed but once you get it with the blade it should emulate the effect of a Grog pretty well. Just an after thought though I’d still search high and low for your bladed Grog :+1:

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I think someone did try to start an XB1 borderlands community, not sure what came of it though. There are, however, several Borderlands communities on XB1 - just search in the communities section by game title.

this reminds me I need to stuff all my grogs into a mule or 2 so I know what I have. that being said I’ll do a little lookin when I get Home, It’s possible that I might have 1 or 2 laying around

That would be awesome. Let me know if you do. What platform are you on?

I did spend a LONG time farming for a slag bladed Rubi and I did get one (Torgue grip but it’s fine). My main reason for wanting the Grog is that it has a much higher % healing, and the slag chance is a lot higher so it can double as my slag weapon for OP8

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I completely understand. I just thought of it as a good alternative to use while you hunt for the bladed Grog but yes it should still be your ultimate goal to snag one when you can. Good luck buddy :smile:

Agreed, it’s definitely the next best thing and I’ve done very well with it (If you have the patience for reward item hunting, don’t even get me started on pimpernels). I just want to finally reach peak gear (which will hopefully include a grounded hide of terra at some point too)

went through my OP 8 toons found grogs but none bladed, as for my other 60+ toons, not going to look, would take a lot of time, that’s why I procrastinate on consolidating Grogs to just a couple of mules, needs done but it’s a matter of taking the time.
Question, I may know/seen the answer but, Why Specifically a Bladed Grog?
Platform - Xbox 1

I appreciate you checking. If it’s not too much trouble would it be cool if you dropped me one? As for why I’m looking for bladed, it’s pretty much because I’m looking for the absolute BEST possible gear for my melee Zer0. Even though the Grog has a high enough healing % that a normal melee strike could fill my health, I still wouldn’t mind that +50% melee damage from the bladed Grog for those times I can’t switch to the Rapier in time for an Execute. So yeah, a non-bladed Grog can do the job just fine, I just figured that since I was asking around I’d ask for the best. But really I’d be happy with any Grog to have permanently and be done with the mission item.

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