Looking for an op8 Cobra, Pimpernel, and/or a Twister

psn leeroyadams, have some op8 legendaries that I can trade back, also an op8 bladed Grog Nozzle.

I have op8 pimpernels for your grog nozzle

What element?

all four lol

Have the cobra and twister for you. Catch up with you tomorrow.

Alright. Thanks btw for helping with Hyperious.

No problem, sorry I had to go.

Are you still looking for any of this stuff? I can’t find all of the Cobras that I did have but I still have at least one and I have the rest of the stuff you are looking for. I have Pimpernels for days…What parts/prefixes do you want?

Yeah I am, I don’t really care about the parts.

Send me a FR, jgcobb79.

Sent you two friend requests, you keep declining them. :3

HAHA, sorry…For some reason I thought you were someone I was in a lobby with harassing me. Hold on a second.