Looking for an OP8 Hyperion Allegiance Relic

Hey all, does any kind person have this relic spare? I’m looking for the one that boosts
damage and max accuracy please.

Appologies, nothing to trade at the moment but I’m always picking stuff up so I can
keep an eye out for anything for you!


I will check my inventory for you, you did help me sometimes :slightly_smiling: I picked some sort of Allegiance Relics but never use them. Im not sure I got an Op8 Hyperion one.

Hey @Orange_Teacher, as always any help is greatly appreciated!

Sorry I cannot help you out with that :frowning: You may try @tesanmartin, he has at least 300 Op8 items I think :slightly_smiling:

Hey no worries OT, appreciate you checking. I’ll fire a meaage to @tesanmartin to see if he can
help me out!

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Got your message!
I’ll check whenever I got time :+1:

I’ll check to see if I have this if you still need it. I don’t think that I do but I’ll look anyways.

Ah cool, thanks loads for checking @jgcobb79!

I’ve been farming Pete, Terry & the loot train, I get a few purple rrelics, just not the one I
want. Are there any better places to pick them up?

I had gotten that Hyperion relic and the purple Vladof version from the warrior a few weeks ago…sorry I sold it though but maybe farm him for a minute.

I just picked up an Op8 Hyperion Blue one (boost Damage 33% and Reload Speed 25%) dropped from the big Snowman. Will it work for you :slight_smile: The loot train offered me an Op8 Legendary Soldier mod after 3 runs, that is nice!

Hey @Orange_Teacher, if you can keep hold of it until we catch each other online that would
be cool, thanks buddy!

Good luck picking up the CM, farmed the bloody loot train like 20 times lasy night
and the only legendary was a crappy volcano.

Sure I keep it for you :slight_smile: Sorry I cannot play the game right now, see you soon!